Month July 2014

Positivity = Better Performance

Does manager bias affect worker performance? Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman recently explored this topic in an article published in the Harvard Business Review. Zenger/Folkman looked at two styles of manager bias: those who rated employees more positively than others, and those who rated employees more negatively. They had both groups rank all [...]

Our 3 Favorite (FREE) Tools For Creating Social Media Graphics!

We all have our go-to tools that make our lives and jobs easier. Today, SKYsmb's growth team wanted to share 3 essentials for everyday graphic design. These apps help us move quickly, produce quality work, and make the most of our time! Picmonkey  This is my go-to for a quick edit of some fun effects! It has a great selection of free fonts and shapes. [...]

Be A Better Leader With “Yes, and…”

The biggest challenge in being a leader is learning how to guide people in the direction you want them to go without shutting them down. That's the difference between leading and managing - Managers tell people what to do and how to do it, leaders show people what needs to be accomplished and set an example for their followers, guiding them toward [...]

Panera Friday – An Office Tradition!

In today’s world, work-life-balance is a pretty much nonexistent.  Yeah, let that sink in a little… Scary, right?!  Not really.  The truth is that we’re constantly connected, and there’s no way to truly escape from work when we’re at home, and home when we’re at work.  life happens. Someone’s kid breaks an arm at football practice 5 [...]

Prepare Your Business For Anything #5: The Operations Manual

Many small companies do not have an up-to-date operations manual on hand, which spells trouble in a crisis. When you have a plan, even if you don't always stick to it, it pays to fall back on it to minimize damage when everything falls apart. A set of clear, concise, easy-to-follow steps and guidelines can be invaluable if a staff member is unable to [...]

Prepare Your Business For Anything #4: What if customer data is stolen?

Last week we covered different security measures to prevent important private data from being stolen. However, no matter how much effort you put into protecting your customers, someone could still get ahold of their information. It's always best to be prepared for the worst, so we'd like to get you started on developing your response to a data [...]

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